Your Online Guide to Shopping!

Consumer Goods: Finding the Best Deals
Finding the best deals on items you purchase everyday is simple when you have a few key tricks and tips up your sleeve. In fact, scoring great discounts is easy when you shop online like a pro. Why pay full price when you can save a few bucks? Learn how to maximize discounts to save the most money this year!

Find Coupons Before You Shop
Shopping without a coupon is a sin in the eyes of any extreme couponer. Finding the best deals means putting in the work before you start your shopping trip. Coupons are available online from retail sites as well as third-party coupon providers.

You can also find great discounts by subscribing to newsletters—from grocery stores to your favorite clothing outlet. Be sure to sign up for email and text alerts that notify you when a new coupon is available.

Shop in Season
Everything has a season. Ever notice the convenience of buying condiments around the Fourth of July? Or the great discounts offered on soups and broths around the holidays? By shopping for items at the right time, you can maximize your savings (even without the use of coupons!)

It’s also best to shop for seasonal décor after that holiday ends. Stock up on Christmas ornaments for the following year when they are offered at rock-bottom prices. Purchase a nice winter coat as spring is approaching. Retailers are itching to get rid of last season’s styles, which is where you can save some serious cash.

Don’t Forget to Price Match
Finding the best deals isn’t always straightforward. Stores and retailers make you work to score huge savings, but price matching is an underrated tool in your arsenal. The idea behind price matching is a store will sell you a product at the same price level offered at a competitor. This way, you get the discount and the store gets the sale.

Combined with sales and coupons, price matching can greatly decrease the total amount you pay for certain items.  It is important to be aware of any exceptions or exclusions with price matching. Most stores require one item to be exactly the same as the other.

Use Browser Plugins and Add-ons
Great discounts are always close by when you search for items on certain browsers. Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are amazing teammates when you’re looking for discounts. These browsers search for the item you need and notify you if another retailer offers them for less.

Go Ghost
The convenience of shopping online might place you at a disadvantage based on where you live or how you shop. It might be unfair, but retailers tend to charge higher prices to some shoppers who reside in a specific area with a higher general income.

Likewise, some retailers access your computer’s search history to determine which types of items you might purchase. Then, they show you the highest price point in the hopes you will purchase it. The best way to combat this is to shop online in private (or “incognito”) mode. Retailers won’t have access to your information and cannot sell you items based on what they think you might pay.

First-Time Customers
Many retailers offer great discounts for first-time customers. Oftentimes, it’s as simple as signing up with an email and a password. These discounts might reduce the overall cost of an order or offer perks like free shipping. This can dramatically lower the cost of an item, so be sure to sign up before you buy.

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