Senior Living

The term “senior living” carries a lot of misunderstanding and antiquated imagery when, in fact, it is a community made up of older adults living life to the fullest. Gone are the days of grey walls and drab décor – seniors in the modern era enjoy day trips, social activities and game nights.

Many senior living facilities balance skilled healthcare with thoughtful activities. In these establishments, seniors get the care they need while maintaining a sense of independence and autonomy. There are dozens of assisted living operators across the United States, but nearly all share a common theme of freedom.

Sunrise Senior Living, for example, is one of the largest assisted living communities in the country. Other facilities are run by Five Star Senior Living, which can be found from the east coast to the west coast. Learn more about these senior communities and how they may benefit you or a loved one today.

What is a senior living community?
From retirement homes to assisted living communities, older adults have several options for residence. A senior living facility can generally be divided into the following categories:
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Independent senior living facilities
  • Retirement communities
Assisted Living Facilities
Many senior living facilities offer full assistance for those who need help with essential daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, cleaning and cooking. Seniors living in an assisted living community may live in their own condo or suite or may live with a companion in an apartment-style complex.

Sunrise Senior Living facilities, for example, have various styles of assisted living complexes. These are ideal for seniors who do not require the skill of a nurse or doctor but benefit from medication reminders, memory care and help with basic personal hygiene.

Independent Senior Living Facilities
An independent senior living complex is a bit different from an assisted living complex in the sense that they do not offer as many services. Residents often live in their own suite or condo surrounded by neighbors of the same age.

Residents in an independent senior living facility are not required to have or maintain a certain level of activity. Many communities offer access to pools, gyms, exercise rooms and other facilities to promote independence and activity.

Retirement Communities
Many older adults enjoy being part of a retirement community because they live among neighbors of their own age. A retirement community does not typically offer any health-based services. Many residents here have their own private home, townhome or condominium in a large-scale community.

Choosing a Senior Living Facility
Finding the right senior living community is a matter of preference. It is one of the most important choices a family can make. The facility in which a senior chooses to reside depends on his or her lifestyle, activity level, age and physical ability.

Five Star Senior Living facilities invite seniors and their families to take walking tours of their grounds. By doing this, individuals can get a real sense of the type of community they prefer. A few important questions to ask the tour guide include:
  • Are staff members onsite 24/7?
  • What healthcare services are offered?
  • What activities and amenities are available?
The cost of independent senior living can add up, so it is important that families discuss their needs and financial ability before enrolling. Some seniors may consult their insurance providers to discuss financial and payment options.