SUVs vs. Normal Car
Have you always wanted to get away with your family in the wilderness for a whole weekend? SUVs can help you make that dream come true. If you own a car, going on a comfortable road trip while fitting in all your necessary belongings might be a challenge.

Although cars have their benefits, like better driving control and easier parking, a SUV can provide advantages as well. For example, SUVs have ample space for passengers, cargo and even pets. You can also drive them through almost any terrain when they have a four-wheel drive. Continue reading the sections below if you want to learn more about SUVs and how they stand against cars.

The space SUVs provide is unmatched compared to other cars. If you have a big family and you want to accommodate each member, then an SUV is a great choice. You can comfortably fit five people with enough leg room for everyone. SUVs with third row seating will often accommodate between seven to eight people. Cars are a good option for small families, but if you are growing yours, you may want to consider an SUV.

Aside from being a comfortable vehicle for passengers, SUVs are built for carrying cargo as well. The third-row seating is usually collapsible, providing ample space to put construction items or large pets. The trunk of a car can only carry smaller items like groceries. 

Oftentimes, families with a member that is physically disabled will pick an SUV over a car. One reason is that cars are difficult to get out of when physically disabled. Moreover, these small vehicles typically cannot fit the special equipment that disabled individuals must always have. For instance, this can include wheelchairs, oxygen tanks or any other bulky items.

Blind or deaf individuals may also need to have space for their assistance dogs. SUVs often come with automatic doors that open at the press of a button. If someone has a broken leg, an SUV will have enough space for the injured to enter, sit down and rest. The top-rated SUV with wheelchair accessibility is the Chrysler Pacifica. This car has the capacity to fit a wheelchair from the back or side of the vehicle and it also comes with a ramp.

Weather Conditions
When it comes to harsh terrains and road trips, SUVs are hard to beat. Cars are great for the concrete jungle, but if you like to venture off the beaten path, then an SUV has plenty of features to make for a smooth ride. Different types of SUVs will have their own unique features in terms of driving, but there are similar features to look out for in the best SUVs.

For example, an SUV will generally feature a four-wheel drive. This means that there is more control with all the wheels of the vehicle as the power is divided equally among each one. Aside from all-wheel drive, SUVs have better water wading capacity. In case of a flood, cars are often too low, and water can seep into them. Thus, if you are an avid camper, hiker or fisher, you may want to give an SUV a chance.  

When a vehicle has good visibility, the number of blind spots a driver has is reduced. When you have a better view of the cars around you, you are more likely to prevent collision. Cars have a smaller dashboard, making your point of view smaller. Good SUVs will have the larger windshields with higher altitude, allowing you to see traffic ahead.

High tech SUVs will also include rearview cameras and adaptive headlights. These headlights adapt to the movement of the steering wheel for controlled vision at night. As for traditional visibility, newer SUVs will have narrow front roof pillars to diminish obstruction in the front view.